In this chapter, I told you some facts about brand psychology.

Some of these can seem Machiavellian.

But this is the marketplace.

It’s brutal and unforgiving in weeding out the weak.

So there is no use for edifying talk on how these facts shouldn’t be.

Because they are and have been since your ancestors crawled out of the sea to trade seashells for sex.

Use these facts when building your brand. Neglect them at your peril.

Don’t concern yourself with the hypothetical customers who judge your project on its merits only. They don’t exist.

And even if you find a unicorn willing to commit to your sh*tstained brand, she will only be good for one transaction.

So, eat the truth.

Then decide to bring the strongest possible brand to your market.

It’s the only way to win.

In the following chapters, we’ll build you a brand to mimic the success of the greatest businesses and shrewdest politicians. It will tell the right story to the right audience in the right way.