“We got no troubles – life is the bubbles!”

Sebastian the Crab

That was it! You’re a master now – able to build a complete brand that kicks ass and takes names. Please, feel free to wear a turtleneck.

In time, your brand will get feedback. Friends will offer praise. Consultants will offer criticism. Yet only the opinion of your audience counts.

Your brand is good if your audience commits to your project. 

The proof of your brand pudding will be sales, donations or votes. Nothing else matters. And since you read this book cover to cover – right? – you can’t go wrong anymore.

Stick to your guns. Keep building. Keep testing. Keep winning.

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I’d love to hear from you.

Finally, let this end be a beginning. Of a successful brand, of a career as a brand builder, of discovering new ways to do things.

You’re ready to dominate. Start polishing that cow. Go build your brand.