“If you’ve got the truth you can demonstrate it. Talking doesn’t prove it.”

Robert A. Heinlein

Brand choices – from logos to copy – invite a lot of debate. This is healthy.

Yet debate can force team members into concessions that reduce their buy-in and enthusiasm.

Luckily, the opinion of your audience is the only thing that really matters.

Not yours, not your bosses, and certainly not Bob’s (from accounting). Therefore I recommend testing to help you make important choices.

Just ask your audience to pick a favorite option, navigate a page you build or if they understand your pitch.

You should replace debates with data by running test.

This does more than just safeguarding your physical health:

  • Be more confident when choosing a direction with actual data.
  • Skip the nasty fights that come with the emotional subject of our brand.
  • Promote user-centric by making your team win over the crowd.
  • Harvest ideas from your audience, just like from brainstorming.