“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touchpoints.”

Jonah Sachs

Imagine encountering a perfectly polished cow.

Her strong back arches towards the sky. The full calves provide a strong grip, and two horns shine brightly in the mid-morning sun, proudly piercing the dust of the busy market.

Its majesty speaks to your highest aspirations, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow has you open up your wallet.

Ahem. Let’s just say that a great Brand Experience has an emotional impact. You’re transported into the domain of irrationality, where feelings override reason. The rational part of your brain tags along for the ride as you commit to the project in front of you.

In the previous parts, we decided on a brand promise and composed the basic ingredients of Brand Identity.

In this stage we build a Brand Experience to get your audience to commit.

However, some of the chapters might be more relevant than others. To identify which matter most to your brand, you can map a customer journey.

A customer journey is a list of all the touchpoints with your audience.

You’ll need to identify where they come from and how they move towards commitment.

Here’s a simplified example of your favorite soda:

Together, these touchpoints form your Brand Experience.

A great Brand Experience convinces the audience to commit at each and every touchpoint.

This stage is about getting each of them right. So let’s get to it!