Let’s start with an innocent statistic.

We are three times as rich since the 1940s, yet our happiness didn’t budge. 5
Take a look at this (simplified) graph:

Kings couldn’t dream of the luxuries we enjoy today, from air travel to Angry Birds. Yet:

We always feel like we need something.

We apparently dislike being mortal and finite. (Speak for yourself, though.)

Our condition comes with many painful side effects.

Boredom. Loneliness. Illness.

But also compassion, ambition, and spirituality.

Therefore we’re always open to brands who will fix these pains. This means:

There will always be a market for your project – IF it fixes someone’s pain.

And the stronger the pain, the more potential for your brand.

Yes. Most pains are illusory and most consumption unnecessary. Resources are scarce and there is an island of trash in the ocean. (I mean the plastic, not England.)

But this book isn’t about the evils of capitalism.

It’s about building brands that sell.