There are two image types you need to know about.
• Rasterized images (.JPG / .PNG)
• Vector images (.AI / .EPS / .SVG)

Rasterized images are made up of colored squares called pixels.

If you zoom in close enough at a rasterized image (Like a digital photo from your phone), it will look like a mosaic of squares.

  • Easy to manipulate in Photoshop.
  • Suitable for every purpose.
  • Loses quality when scaled up.
  • Large file size, even when optimized.

Vector images consist of points in space, connected to form shapes.

By coloring 2D points, lines and shapes you can create images without a lot of data.

  • Hard to manipulate without some serious practice in serious software.
  • Not suitable for photos or other realistic images.
  • Scales without losing quality.
  • Small file size.