Nowadays, the average attention span is a short as this sentence.

Your brand is competing with the world, which includes cat videos and battle royale games. There are a billion ways to spend your time and money.

This means:

Nobody is waiting for another brand.

No-one will gather around the fire with you. There is simply too little time.

Don’t forget, you are dealing with humans. And humans are busy.

They are swamped with work. Their stocks are tanking.

Or their wife is angry because they keep ending the hopes and dreams of countless noobs in epic Call of Duty killing sprees.


People are busy and have limited headspace.

The evolutionary remedy is to speed things up. In ‘Blink’, Malcolm Gladwell shows us how instinct and intuition are used to quickly sift through incoming impulses.

Dealing with every project on offer is impossible. Therefore:

People judge your brand within a split second.

This is all the time you have to convince people that your brand is worthy of attention.

If the judgment is unfavorable, your brand is discarded on the heap of annoyances.

If the judgment is favorable – and that bar is very high – your brand is given a further look.

Do not fool yourself. This rule applies to those on social media or visiting conferences. Everyone’s busy. Everyone’s impatient. And they are all very familiar with useless clutter in their lives.

It is your job as a brand builder to make them pay attention in that split second.

Make your brand stir the right emotion. Let your brand immediately address their needs.

Because no-one cares about your brand just because it’s new. They want their pains fixed.

If you do your job right, you will be rewarded.

A powerful first impression can hook the customer.

If you manage to stand out, people will invest some of their attention to explore what’s on offer.