So, you‘ve built something special?

And you’re ready to destroy the competition?

Think again.

The odds are stacked against you. Every single day, the world greets 250,000 new businesses, 5,000 new books, and 6,000 new mobile apps 1  . And everyone hopes their project will be a smashing success. Of course not.

Almost every project fails.

The reason for failure is always the same:

People don’t buy, use, donate to, invest in or vote for the project.

In short: not enough people commit. The project simply isn’t valuable enough to spend their time, money or attention.

This is very common. The market is saturated with starry-eyed entrepreneurs, writers, and app developers hoping to make it big.

Yet they all have the same challenge:

Every project has to communicate its value. And that’s very hard.

That’s why I wrote this book. You’ve put a lot of effort into building something special. You believe in your project, all the way. But you must learn to communicate its value if you want others to commit.

And communicating value is what brand building is all about.

How do you present your project to a skeptical audience? How do you convince others of its usefulness? How do you get it ready for a brutally competitive market? Tough questions.

I feel you, for I’ve walked that very same road — many times.

And I could’ve used a guide. For over a decade, I’ve been building brands for myself and others, making all the mistakes one can make. But even though building brands is hard, I figured it out eventually.

So, here’s the book I needed 15 years ago. I burned through millions of (mostly other people’s) dollars discovering its lessons.

It was an extravagant education, but worth sharing in this book.

I hope it arrived in time for you.