Why did the UBS bank issue a 44-page manual to their staff on how to dress and smell, forbidding them to eat garlic or wear ‘gaudy sunglasses’?

They answered this question themselves after it leaked: “[We aim] to impress customers with a polished presence and a sense of Swiss precision.” (Emphasis mine)

Translation: we want to be taken seriously. And they are right.

If we see something off, we think the project must be off.

My wife says that for every rat you see, there are 20 you don’t see.

People see a rat and they cringe. Then they wonder what else is wrong.

Something suddenly doesn’t feel right and their rational brain will start arguing.


People won’t tell you they don’t trust your brand.

Instead, they moan about a time that is “inconvenient”, a price that is “unrealistic” or they are not “comfortable” voting for a candidate.

That’s why every element of your brand is important and you should minimize faults.

If your brand contains faults, trust is breached. And without trust, there is no transaction, no donation, no vote. In other words:

Trust is the key to a commitment to your project.

You can’t blame folks for protecting themselves. Everyone has been burned at least once. So have you. Because every market contains clowns and criminals peddling hogwash.

In short, you need trust for a commitment to your brand.

So polish your brand until it contains the minimum amount of faults.

And never – ever – wear gaudy sunglasses.